REVIEW:Air flow is formed through the negative pressure of blower, the material enters into the pipe through the screw feeder,so that the hot air and material mixing together, so the moisture is separated from the material during passing the cyclone to make the effect of drying material.
Pellet Burner

It uses wood pellets or straw pellets as biofuel, green run, burn completely. When the heat of combustion of biomass particles at about 3900 to 4800 kcal / kg, after carbonization heat by up to 7000-8000 kcal / kg, high cut polluting combustion efficiency.

Product Introduction

Biomass pellets enters into the combustion chamber for complete combustion through automatic feeding device, the heat is generated by the heating device. Biomass particles not only has economic advantages, but also have environmental benefits, in full compliance with the requirements of sustainable development.


1. Energy efficient: biomass resources as fuel, low cost.

2. High thermal efficiency: combustion rate of 93%.

3. Stable and reliable: Column Partition feeding system, does not occur tempering off the fire phenomenon.

4. Combustion chamber and crater are thick-walled steel build, long life span.

Technical parameters

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