REVIEW:Air flow is formed through the negative pressure of blower, the material enters into the pipe through the screw feeder,so that the hot air and material mixing together, so the moisture is separated from the material during passing the cyclone to make the effect of drying material.
Hammer Mill
  • Hammer Mill,Hammer Mill2

Hammer mill crushes the material by the impact of action. It consists of three parts, feeding mechanism, crushing chamber (rotor hammer, sieve, tooth plate,) , the discharge portion (the fan, set the cartridge, dust bag) .Highly adaptive materials suitable for crushing waste slats, twigs, bark, straw, corn stalks, cotton stalks and other materials. Compressible material processed into different specifications according to different needs.

Product Introduction


Material enters into the crushing chamber, suffered the impact of high-speed rotation of the hammer and crushed, crushed materials and stop collision bounce back again by the hammer blow, hit each other at the same time the material. The gap is smaller than the screen material strip, discharged from the gap, the larger the individual materials in the screen bar again by hammer sheet extrusion and broken.

Technical parameters

Model 500 600 700 900 1000 1200 1500
Main power (kw) 18.5-22 30 37 55 75+7.5 90+7.5 110+11
Feed port size (mm) 200*180 230*110 240*240 300*300 300*300    
Blade qty (pcs) 4 4 6 8 8 9 12
Hammer qty (pcs) 12 12 18 30 30 39 48
Capacity (kg/h) 800 1000-1200 1500 2500 3000 3500 5000
Overall dimension (mm) 1500*650*850 1500*700*1000 1550*750*1050 2000*1100*1300 2000*1100*1300    

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