REVIEW:Air flow is formed through the negative pressure of blower, the material enters into the pipe through the screw feeder,so that the hot air and material mixing together, so the moisture is separated from the material during passing the cyclone to make the effect of drying material.
Vertical Ring die pellet machine
  • Biomass Wood Pellet Mills for Sale

Vertical Biomass ring die Wood Pellet Mills for Sale. Nowadays, Yufchina third generation vertical ring die pellet mill has advanced and stable technology, the single machine max output capacity is 4 t/h, forming pellet rate of 99%. We can design the proposal according to your special requirements.

Product Introduction


Vertical ring die pellet mill is to press hard adhesive, hard molded materials (such as: rice husks, peanut shells and other fruits shell; branch trunk wood scraps, etc; various straw; rubber, cement, clinker and other chemical raw materials). It is widely applied to biomass fuel plants, power plants, timber, furniture factory, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc.

Good wood pellet mills make your pellets conquer the market competitiveness.
The hardness and burning capacity will directly affect the pellet price.

Yufchina pellet line can be designed into 10t/h, 20t/h or more, you can get great benefits according to your requirements.

Yufchina also supply pellet production line turnkey project,pellet line capacity can up to 10t/h,20t/h or even more.


1.The ring die mold, vertical structure, good to the granulation chamber thermal cooling.
2.Mold stationary, vertical installation, the machine easy to fixed, smooth operation.
3.The pressure wheel rotates, centrifugal force so that the material is surrounded evenly distributed.
4.Independent of the discharging device, ensure the pellets forming rate.
5.No need downtime, 24 working hours, automatic intermittent lubrication, extend equipment wearing parts life span;
6.The pressure roller centrifugal force and the pressing force combine to ensure the pellets forming and smoothness, increase machine production.

what kind of raw material will be suitable for?

To adapt virious raw material is also a prerequisite for judging good quality of pellet machine.Yufchina pellet machine covers more than 90% of the material on the market.
So we offer a wide variety of materials' solution (The following figure).




If your raw material is special, we can also help you commissioning in our factory for free.


The pellet as fuel is widely used in various biological combustion plants, power plants, boiler plants, etc.  Bio-energy has a huge market prospect as the world is promoting the new energy project.

Technical parameters

Model Power(kw) Pellet size
Inch(mm) Production(t/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(t)
YFK450 55 Φ4-Φ12 450 0.3-1 2200x900x1600 3
YFK550 75 Φ4-Φ12 550 0.7-1 2300x1000x1780 4.8
YFK560 90 Φ4-Φ12 560 1-1.5 2600x1300x2300 5.8
YFK580 160 Φ4-Φ12 580 1.5-2 2900x1300x2400 6.5
YFK680 160 Φ4-Φ12 680 2-2.5 3200x1400x2400 8.5
YFK850 220 Φ4-Φ12 850 2-3 3750x1650x3250 12.6
YFK880 315 Φ4-Φ12 880 3-4 4300x1900x3600 14.5

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