REVIEW:Air flow is formed through the negative pressure of blower, the material enters into the pipe through the screw feeder,so that the hot air and material mixing together, so the moisture is separated from the material during passing the cyclone to make the effect of drying material.
Log Splitter

Wood splitting machine is a kind of wood splitting device by guillotine concept and design, It can crush material which the wood is suitable for the mill feeding mouth, so it should be processed by the wood splitting machine first.

Product Introduction

Timber wood splitting machine can split stump, large tree branches, large logs and relatively rigid timber segment, the feed mill to meet size requirements, or split the raw material for other purposes. It is an important preparation machinery in paper industry, artificial board industry, pulp processing industry.

Technical parameters

Motor power(kw) 4 grade  (rotate speed: 1460r/min)

Gear pump
flow rate 63ml/r

Pressure (Mpa)

Oil cylinder inner dia. (mm)

 Piston rod dia. (mm)

Route (mm)

Forward speed (mm/sec.)

 Reverse Speed  (mm/sec.)

Max.Thrust (ton)
(work pressure 16Mpa,Already adjusted)

Weight (ton)

L*W*H (MM)

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